ClickZs is a tool to monitor website traffic.
ClickZs tells where traffic comes from and where it goes to.
ClickZs can track how much traffic you send to what site
and ClickZs can also manage your CJ (blind links) traffic.
ClickZs tells you uniques, raws, productivity, which link they click on and more.
With ClickZs you can completely monitor and manage your traffic trades.
ClickZs can also do "sub-url trading" which means can trade with without any problems or need for long tracking urls.
ClickZs can also generate fully customized toplists and even lists that trade
on a ratio so you dont have to use blind links anymore and still trade on ratio !
ClickZs can also do your TGP redirects (skimming) with VERY versatile options and stats !
ClickZs does not need to be on your server, just in your HTML.
And ClickZs can do all of that without the need for long messy urls like but your trades can just send traffic
to and ClickZs tracks this all.
ClickZs is FREE for all users, we only
require a small button or other appropriate payments.

After many years of great service ClickZs will close down December 15!
We are sorry having to do this, but it is no longer viable for us to keep alive.
After this date most of the traffic will be redirected. If you do not want this
you need to change your links before this date.

Please enter your username and password to login.

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You can suddenly not login anymore ?
Your account was probably disabled because of lack of ClickZs support on any
of your sites ! Make sure to have the required button and credit on your site
that you can get from Button page. Copy the source
to your pages, and then contact us to re enable your account !
And make sure you have proper support on your sites from now on !

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